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  1. Researchpaper.com


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  2. Mendel's Paper (English - Annotated)


    Experiments in Plant Hybridization (1865) by Gregor Mendel. Read at the meetings of February 8th, and March 8th, 1865

  3. Coal Research Forum | Past Meetings


    4/10/2008 · Presentations from past meetings. Copies of some presentations from past Forum meetings are available below, with the names and affiliations of the presenters.

  4. Papers | The Hamilton Project


    Papers. THP collaborates with leading experts to produce evidence-based policy proposals that foster prosperity through broad-based, sustainable economic growth.

  5. Creative Genius or Psychotic? A Strong Correlation


    This paper postulates that there is a strong positive correlation between traits associated with creativity and traits associated with psychoses. Indeed, some of the relevant traits are shared. There are several traits that go hand in hand with creativity. It will be shown that two of these ...

  6. ST. LUCIA: Staff Concluding Statement of the Mission for ...


    A Concluding Statement describes the preliminary findings of IMF staff at the end of an official staff visit (or ‘mission’), in most cases to a member country.

  7. Purdue OWL // Purdue Writing Lab


    The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

  8. Research Our Records | National Archives


    Research Military Records. Research military records at the National Archives from the Revolutionary War to the present.

  9. Eutrophication - Wikipedia


    Eutrophication (from Greek eutrophos, "well-nourished"), or hypertrophication, is when a body of water becomes overly enriched with minerals and nutrients which induce excessive growth of plants and algae. This process may result in oxygen depletion of the water body. One example is the "bloom" or great increase of phytoplankton in a water body as a response to increased levels of nutrients.

  10. Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation


    Post-Disaster Recovery Briefing Papers. The project briefing papers may be used alone or alongside Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation.These succinct, downloadable PDFs are ideal handouts for meetings with officials and the general public.