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  1. 10 Famous Psychological Experiments That Could Never ...


    The standards for psych experiments weren't always so strict, which is how some of the most famous studies came about.

  2. Drowning | NEJM


    In many areas of the world, drowning is a leading cause of death, especially among young children. This review describes the pathophysiology of drowning and summarizes the principles of ...

  3. Women Psychoanalysts in Great Britain - Psychoanalytikerinnen


    Enid Flora Albu, psychoanalyst and welfare worker, was born in London. She was educated at Cheltenham Ladies' College before she entered the London School …

  4. Scott Wolter's Apparently Non-Existent Degree - Jason Colavito


    The ruthlessness that academic researchers use to critique others research far exceeds the criticism Scott is receiving, as it should. For the most part the criticism of researchers is accepted by those being criticized as part of the scientific process to move closer to the truth.

  5. HOW TO ENJOY ARUBA - arubakid.com


    HOW TO ENJOY ARUBA . One Man’s Opinion . By . Charles W. Smith Published by Charles W. Smith . This edition not updated since July 31, 2016.

  6. Psychoanalytikerinnen in Großbritannien


    SCHRIFTEN (und Heinz H. Wolff) An experiment in the teaching of psychotherapy to medical students. Lancet 26 (1), 1963, 214-217 (mit Michael Balint und Mary L. Hare) Training medical students in patient-centered medicine.

  7. Breakdown of Law and Order: “We Can’t Depend On the Police ...


    Budget cuts across the country have stripped local police departments of personnel at an alarming rate. So much so that Americans from coast-to-coast are now being forced to fend for themselves. Our latest example comes from East Oakland’s Arcadia Park, where law and order have broken down to such ...