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  1. Civil Disobedience (Thoreau) - Wikipedia


    Resistance to Civil Government (Civil Disobedience) is an essay by American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849. In it, Thoreau argues that individuals should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice.

  2. Burgermaatschappij - Wikipedia


    De burgermaatschappij, ook wel civil society of het maatschappelijk middenveld genoemd, is het geheel van particuliere organisaties in de samenleving die verschillende groepen, meningen en belangen vertegenwoordigen. Men kan de burgermaatschappij ook bondig omschrijven als het institutionele domein van vrijwillige associaties. Het is een aanduiding van organisaties of instituties buiten de ...

  3. Amazon.com: Civil Disobedience (9781619490925): Henry ...


    Sparked by Thoreau’s outrage at American slavery and the American-Mexican war, Civil Disobedience is a call for every citizen to value his conscience above his government.



    A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah 6:8

  5. Two Treatises of Government - Wikipedia


    Two Treatises of Government (or Two Treatises of Government: In the Former, The False Principles, and Foundation of Sir Robert Filmer, and His Followers, Are Detected and Overthrown.The Latter Is an Essay Concerning The True Original, Extent, and End of Civil Government) is a work of political philosophy published anonymously in 1689 by John Locke. ...

  6. Resistance to Civil Government” by H.D. Thoreau (“Civil ...


    This Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment, — what is it but a tra­di­tion, though a recent one, en­deav­or­ing to trans­mit it­self un­im­paired to pos­ter­ity, but each in­stant losing some of its in­teg­rity?

  7. John Locke - Philosophy Pages


    Recommended Reading: Primary sources: John Locke, Works (Clarendon, 1975- ) John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, ed. by Peter H. Nidditch (Clarendon, 1989) John Locke, Some Thoughts Concerning Education and of the Conduct of the Understanding, ed. by Ruth W. Grant and Nathan Tarcov (Hackett, 1996) John Locke, Two Treatises of Government, ed. by Peter Laslett …

  8. Apply for Civil Society Leadership Awards 2019/20 (Fully ...


    Deadline: May 15, 2018. Applications for the Civil Society Leadership Awards of the Open Society Scholarship Programs are now open. The Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) provide fully-funded scholarships for master’s degree study to individuals who clearly demonstrate academic and professional excellence and a deep commitment to leading positive social change in their communities.

  9. Slavery on the Western Border: Missouri’s Slave System and ...


    Less than 40 years after the Civil War, General John G. Haskell, the president of the Kansas Historical Society, described slavery in western Missouri as “a more domestic than commercial institution,” in which the “social habits were those of the farm and not the plantation.”

  10. World Report 2016 | Human Rights Watch


    How the Politics of Fear and the Crushing of Civil Society Imperil Global Rights