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  1. Linguistic relativity - Wikipedia


    The hypothesis of linguistic relativity holds that the structure of a language affects its speakers' world view or cognition.Also known as the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, or Whorfianism, the principle is often defined to include two versions: the strong hypothesis and the weak hypothesis: . The strong version says that language determines thought and that linguistic categories limit and ...

  2. hypothesis - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com


    In science, a hypothesis is an idea or explanation that you then test through study and experimentation. Outside science, a theory or guess can also be called a hypothesis.

  3. Construct | Definition of Construct by Merriam-Webster


    Verb. They plan to construct a barn behind the house. The author constructs all the stories around one theme. Construct a triangle that has sides of equal length.. Noun. He argues that time is a subjective construct with no objective existence.

  4. Hypothesis | Definition of Hypothesis by Merriam-Webster


    The Difference Between Hypothesis and Theory. A hypothesis is an assumption, an idea that is proposed for the sake of argument so that it can be tested to see if it might be true.. In the scientific method, the hypothesis is constructed before any applicable research has been done, apart from a basic background review.

  5. Expectations hypothesis - Wikipedia


    The expectations hypothesis of the term structure of interest rates (whose graphical representation is known as the yield curve) is the proposition that the long-term rate is determined purely by current and future expected short-term rates, in such a way that the expected final value of wealth from investing in a sequence of short-term bonds equals the final value of wealth from investing in ...

  6. Comparing Groups - rossmanchance.com


    About. Notes: . MAD = mean absolute difference ; This applet does not work in IE8 but should work in other browsers. Right now pasted data must have variable names (use single words, no symbols)

  7. Water Potential — bozemanscience


    In this video Paul Andersen defines water potential and explains how it can be calculated in a simple system. He explains how water can moved through osmosis and break down the two major parts of water potential (solute potential and pressure potential).

  8. Project Camelot | The Big Picture


    Click here to download a PDF of this page . The following is a detailed summary of our tentative, current understanding of the core issues related to the presence of the visitors, and the possible earth changes that may be ahead of us.

  9. Practice Hypothesis Testing Questions for DSc310 ...


    1301-2. Q: Indicate which assumptions are needed to use the sample mean and normal tables to test a hypothesis about a population mean, MU, and known variance, SIGMA**2.

  10. Key Facts about Maxwell - James Clerk Maxwell Foundation


    Facts about James Clerk Maxwell On the 13th June 1831 James Clerk Maxwell was born in Edinburgh, at 14 India Street, a house built for his father in that part of Edinburgh's elegant Georgian New Town which was developed after the Napoleonic Wars.