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  1. History of computer animation - Wikipedia


    The history of computer animation began as early as the 1940s and 1950s, when people began to experiment with computer graphics - most notably by John Whitney.It was only by the early 1960s when digital computers had become widely established, that new avenues for innovative computer graphics blossomed. Initially, uses were mainly for scientific, engineering and other research purposes, but ...

  2. DEC & Digital Equipment Corporation: Where Did They Go ...


    When you think of leaders in the computing industry, your first thoughts probably turn to companies like Apple, Microsoft, and IBM. But flash back a few decades, and the leaders of those companies all would’ve gladly bowed down to Digital Equipment Corporation, or DEC, who began paving the way for everyone starting in 1957.

  3. Animation - Wikipedia


    Animation is a method in which pictures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film.Today, most animations are made with computer-generated imagery (CGI). Computer animation can be very detailed 3D animation, while 2D computer animation can be used for ...

  4. Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed ...


    In 1986 I made a computer model of coordinated animal motion such as bird flocks and fish schools. It was based on three dimensional computational geometry of the sort normally used in computer animation or computer aided design.

  5. Welcome to Computer Science & Engineering | Computer ...


    Welcome to the Allen School. Consistently ranked among the top computer science programs in the nation, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering educates tomorrow's innovators and engages in research that advances core and emerging areas of the field.

  6. Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics: Modeling, Rendering ...


    In the past decade, the field of non-photorealistic computer graphics (NPR) has developed as the product of research marked by diverse and sometimes divergent assumptions, approaches, and aims.

  7. ArtsIT 2018 - 7th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT ...


    ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation 2018 is meant to be a place where people in arts, with a keen interest in modern IT technologies, meet with people in IT, having strong ties to arts in their works.

  8. Stylized Depiction in Computer Graphics - red3d.com


    While I have not done research in this area myself, I am fascinated by the computer graphic technique known as non-photorealistic rendering. (Admittedly it is …



    A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah 6:8

  10. Publications – Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory


    Physics-based Reconstruction and Animation of Humans . Alexandru-Eugen Ichim Mark Pauly (Dir.) EPFL PhD Thesis No. 7880 . Thesis Webpage